Name: Gintara Apšvietimas
Race/Talent: Sharos Human (Outsider, "Aasimar")
Specialty: Cleric
Class: Priest 5

Movement: 25 = 30 base - 5 armor
Vitality: 55
Wounds: 14
Starting Dice: 3
Die Type: d4
Legend: 4
Reputation: 0
Renown: Heroic Rank 1
Appearance: 5
Lifestyle: 5
Panache: 5
Income: 50s
Prudence: 0
Money Saved/Earned: 15%

STR:	14+1	15   +2
DEX:	12	12   +1
CON:	14	14   +2
INT:	12	12   +1
WIS:	12+2	14   +2
CHA:	14+1	15   +2
Modified by Sharos, Level 4, Angelic Heritage

Origin Skills: Ride, Haggle, ???, ???
Class Skills: Impress, Intimidate, Medicine, Notice, Resolve, Sense Motive
Gaen Skills: Athletics, Investigate, Tactics, ???

1-5: Points: 64 Max Rank: 8

			Total	Ranks	Misc
Athletics		10	8	
Haggle   	     	10	8
Impress 		10	8
Medicine		9	0	+8 paired to Resolve
Notice			9	8
Resolve			10	8
Ride		        9	8
Sense Motive 	        9	8
Tactics		        9	8	

INITIATIVE: +3 = +1 (Class) +2 (Dex)

BAB: +3
Unarmed: +5 [ +3 (BAB) +2 (Str)]
Melee:   +5 [ +3 (BAB) +2 (Str)]
Ranged:  +4 [ +3 (BAB) +1 (Dex)]

Attack		To-Hit	Damage	Threat	Const	Notes
Zweihander	+6	1d12+2	19-20	Hard 3	Guard +3, Massive, AP 2

FORT: +5 [ +3(Base) +2(Con)]
REF: +1 [ +1(Base) +1(Dex)]
WILL: +5 [ +3(Base) +2(Wis)]
Defense: 18 [10 +5(Class) +3(Zweihander)]
Damage Reduction: 4 [Armor]
Damage Resistance: Edged 2, Divine 4 (Armor)
		   Acid 5 (Angelic Heritage)
		   Flash Immune (Light I)

【ツ】Proficiencies and Advanced Actions/Tricks (6)【ツ】
Edged Weapons (Forte)

Overpowering Force (Stance): When you use a 2-handed
  melee weapon to hit an opponent who hasn’t moved since your
  Initiative Count last round, you inflict the weapon’s maximum
  damage (sneak attack damage and other random bonuses are
  rolled normally). You may not take move actions (though you
  may still take 5-ft. Bonus Steps as normal). 

Blinding Blow (Ritual Weapon or Unarmed Attack Trick): Your
  target must also make a Fort save (DC equal to damage inflicted)
  or be blinded for 1 round. You may use this trick a number of
  times per combat equal to your Light Step.

Warding Strike (Melee Attack Trick (Forte)): The character claims
  his ground, daring anyone to force him from it. After one or more
  hits, the character gains a +2 morale bonus with Fortitude and
  Reflex saves until he leaves his current square.

Toppling Swing (Melee Attack Trick (Forte)): The character brutally
  batters his target, throwing him off-balance until he can regain
  his footing. Each time the character hits an opponent of equal or
  smaller Size with a two-handed melee weapon, the opponent
  suffers a cumulative –1 penalty to Defense. This penalty lasts
  until the opponent takes a movement action or the combat ends
  (whichever comes first).

Merciful Strike (Unarmed or Melee Attack Trick (Forte)): The
  character measures his blows not to slay but to draw out his 
  enemy’s agony. If this attack would cause the target to fail his
  last Damage save or reduce him to 0 or fewer wounds, the target
  becomes fatigued instead.

Overpowering Strike (Melee Attack Trick): The character puts his 
  weight into the attack, hoping to send the target reeling. If the
  character’s weapon has the massive quality, he may increase his
  error range by 2 to apply the massive quality even if the target
  is not smaller than him.

Languages: Common, Celestial
Study: Abbeys, Deities
Alignment: Gaen

(Adapted from the Sunchaser setting in the Adventure Companion,
 this Talent represents Gintara's divine origins.)
•Attributes: +2 Wisdom
•Base Speed: 30 ft.
•Free Hint: Once per session, you may request a hint from the
GM. If he refuses, you gain 1 bonus action die.
•Natural Elegance: Your Appearance bonus increases by +1.
•Sharp Mind: You gain 1 additional skill point per level.

A servant of faith, you’re both herald of their will and
shepherd of their followers.
• Bonus Feat: Any 1 Chance feat
• Charming: Once per session, you may improve the
  Disposition of any 1 non-adversary NPC by 5.
• Field Medicine: You are always considered to have a doctor’s
• Paired Skills: Each time you gain ranks in the Resolve
  skill, you gain equal ranks in the Medicine skill. This may
  not increase your Medicine skill beyond its maximum rank.
• Turning: Choose a Type from the following list: Undead.
  Once per combat you may Turn characters of this Type.

•Devout: You’ve been appointed by a higher power to represent
  divine will in the world of mortals. This divine will is sometimes
  felt in the form of miracles. When you fail an attack check with
  your ritual weapon or a skill check with a Priest class skill and
  don’t suffer an error, you may spend an action die to re-roll the 
  check. You may use this ability only once per check.
•Acolyte: At Level 1, you take the first Step along any 1 of
  your Alignment’s Paths and gain your Alignment’s ritual weapon
  at no cost. This weapon may not be sold and when it’s lost or
  destroyed it’s replaced at no cost at the end of the next Downtime
  lasting 1 day or more.
•Signs & Portents I: You may contact higher powers for
  guidance in times of need. At Level 2, as a 1-minute action,
  you may request a hint from the GM. If he refuses, you gain 1
  bonus action die. You may use this ability a number of times per
  adventure equal to your starting action dice.
•Path of the Devoted: At Levels 3, and 5 you take a Step along
  any 1 of your Alignment’s Paths.
•Bonus Feat: At Levels 4 you gain 1 additional Chance or
  Style feat.

LADY LUCK’S SMILE (Chance, Cleric)
If you’re consistently lucky, is it really luck?
Benefit: When you roll an action die, it explodes on its
highest or second highest natural result (e.g. 5–6 on a d6, 9–10
on a d10, etc.).

Divine forces have touched your family line, gifting you with
fine features and unusual grace.
Prerequisites: Level 1 only
Benefit: The higher of your Wisdom or Charisma scores rises
by 1, you gain Acid Resistance 5, and your Appearance bonus
increases by +1. When taking the Basic Skill Mastery feat you
have access to a new skill pair: Savior (Notice & Tactics).
However, you’re also an Outsider (see page 227) and 
vulnerable to various effects and potentially higher damage
from some sources.

You handle even the largest of blades like a delicate dance
Prerequisites: Edged forte
Benefit: When you wield a greatsword it gains guard +2.
Also, you gain a stance.
Overpowering Force (Stance): When you use a 2-handed
melee weapon to hit an opponent who hasn’t moved since your
Initiative Count last round, you inflict the weapon’s maximum
damage (sneak attack damage and other random bonuses are
rolled normally). You may not take move actions (though you
may still take 5-ft. Bonus Steps as normal).

ARMOR BASICS (Basic, Lv 4)
You’re quite comfortable in armor.
Benefits: While you wear armor, its Defense penalty drops
by 1, its ACP drops by 1, and its Speed penalty drops by 5 ft. (in
all cases, minimum 0).

Someone’s always got your back.
Prerequisites: Player character only
Benefit: You control a non-animal NPC with an XP value no
greater than 50 + 5 × the permanent Style feats you have. You may
choose your lieutenant from the Rogues Gallery or Bestiary (see
pages 244 and 253) or build an original NPC with GM approval.
Your lieutenant may not possess temporary feats.
Your lieutenant is a special character with a Threat Level
equal to your Career Level minus 4 (minimum 1). He gains no
action dice but you may spend your action dice on his behalf.
Your lieutenant may not control additional characters.
If your lieutenant dies or is dismissed, you lose Reputation
equal to your Career Level (he’s replaced in the following
Special: You may not gain this feat as a temporary feat.

BANDAGE (Life Path I)
You know how to tend hurts in the field.
Benefit: You gain Medicine as an Origin Skill and your
Medicine checks are trained even when you lack a doctor’s bag.
When you have a doctor’s bag you may Mend each character one
additional time per day.

Path of Life
  First  Step: Gain Bandage feat.
  Second Step: Cast Cure Wounds II and Restoration I, 1/day.
Path of Light
  First  Step: Flash damage immunity. Cast Flare and Glow I, at will.
  Second Step: Gain Blinding Blow Trick. (Only while wearing armor.)

【ツ】Spells【ツ】 Save DC: 12 (10 + 2[cha])
Name		Level	C. Time	Range	Duration	Save
Glow I		Lv 0.	half	50 ft	10 min /CL	n/a
  Lights up a 30 ft sphere with bright light. Moves with target.
Flare		Lv 0.	half	touch	1d6 rounds	Fort (neg)
  All in 20 ft. sphere make save, or suffer -1 magic penalty to Attack checks
Cure Wounds II	Lv 2.	full	touch	instant		Will (half vs undead)
  Heal 20 damage or vitality, or 3 wounds on a character.
Restoration I	Lv 2.	1 min	touch	instant		n/a
  Heal 1 fatigued grade and 1d4 impairment to an attribute.

Sparkleshine, Lesser Unicorn (Large Fey Beast Walker — 55 XP):
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 12
SZ L (1×2, Reach 1); Spd 50 ft. ground (Run 250 ft.); 
Init IV; Atk IV; Def III; Res III; Health IV; Comp V; 
Qualities: Contagion Immunity, Improved Stability, Superior Runner,
 Natural Spell (Cure Wounds I (x2) & II, Neutralize Poison)
Attacks/Weapons: Gore I (1d8+1 lethal; threat 19-20), Kick I (1d8+1
 lethal; threat 20)

Zweihander			15  lbs	Free (Priest)
-Superior				100s
-Armor-Piercing			3.75lbs  50s
Partial Chainmail		24  lbs 100s
-Heavy Fittings			12  lbs	 75s
-Pech					 50s
-Blessed				 50s
Grooming Case			2   lbs	  8s
Balm				1   lbs	 12s
Bandages			0.5 lbs	  3s
Ointment			0.25lbs	 15s
Salve				1   lbs	 12s
Smelling Salts			0.25lbs	  5s
Tonic				0.25lbs	 10s

Stake: 10s

【ツ】Reputation and Prizes【ツ】
Heroic Renown I 		30 Reputation
Armor of the Fallen Paladin	
-Path of the Devoted (Light II)	20 Reputation
-Armor Discount		       -10 Reputation
Appartment (Scale 2 Holding)	5  Reputation

Remaining: 5 Reputation

Backstory: (I’m just recycling this from the WLC game where I used Gintara before, making minor edits to better fit the setting.)

One evening in Curan, the sky turned amber as the sun was setting and giving way to night. As the abbess of the local convent finished the night’s chores, there was a loud rush of wings outside. When the abbess investigated, she found a young baby girl inside a basket of white cloth, with a ray of light shining down from the clouds above. Without much other choice, the convent took the baby in as their own.

Gintara was not the only orphan at the convent, since they cared for all of the orphans that roamed the streets of Curan. Surrounded by an already diverse group of children, she knew there was something strange about her, though no one could explain how. It didn’t help that feathers kept growing without explanation or warning on random parts of her body, although usually the hair.

As she grew, Gintara devoted herself to the healing arts at the convent. Gradually she began to care less about her strange ancestry, although she suspects her celestial parent was likely a servant of Gaen. She, of course, has no proof of this other than a spiritual gut feeling.

Then, a month ago, a necromancer lurked in the city, spreading death and disease. Although her magic could stop the undead in their tracks, it did little stop the necromancer’s attacks each night. But a wandering paladin had been chasing the necromancer, and on the seventh night of the calamity, they fought, but neither survived. Without even knowing the paladin’s name, the convent buried him in their crypt as a hero.

Seeing the paladin fight, Gintara realized that she could be of more help to the world fighting the evils that lurked and healing the sick, rather than just sitting by. With the blessings of the convent she once called home, she took to the roads, wearing the armor and sword of that unknown paladin. The necromancer had an odd collection of items consumed with evil magic, and surely there were more out in the world that needed to be removed and destroyed…

Meeting Ernie

Ultimately, their meeting was complete coincidence, which Gintara doesn’t believe in at all. Ernie on the other hand, was just trying to make a deal with a very difficult source. The seller was looking to get rid of a bracelet that would protect the wearer by striking fear into the hearts of those that would seek harm to the wearer. The seller had worn the bracelet for years but had only made him more and more suspicious of those around him until he ended up pushing everyone away. The seller claimed it was a bracelet of protection, and indeed it was, but kept the key details away from Ernie.

Dealing with the seller had been tough for Ernie, since the man’s suspicions made actually arranging an appointment to see and appraise the bracelet a constant hurdle, and Ernie was still moving between Tarsis and Ptolus at the time. At last the seller agreed to meet in private, and Ernie was excited to have this new piece for his collection when things went wrong. The seller was afraid Ernie was just going to kill him and steal the bracelet and tried to kill Ernie first!

Gintara had heard the commotion and had been tracking the bracelet for a while, hearing about the horrors it had inflicted from the victims the seller had passed by in his paranoia. She clashed with the seller, and when the battle was won she removed the bracelet and shattered it with a single blow from her sword.

Ernie was not happy. Her battle had caused damage in the area which someone was going to have to pay for, plus that bracelet was worth a thousand silver and she just destroyed it without thinking! Gintara had no money to pay for any of that, but she did just save Ernie’s life, so he agreed to let her work for him to make up the damages. She would be a valuable bodyguard for the man and she knew a great deal about the gods and could work with enchanted objects marked with the symbols of the deities far easier than he ever could, plus she could smell the really bad ones from a mile away. Now if only she would stop destroying his merchandise…


Ernie, we’ve been through this before. I know you like Mozzy and he always finds the most interesting stuff but have you taken a look at the last bunch he gave you? No, of course not because you just hide me in the back on inventory duty all the time. That stuff is dangerous! That ring shows some nasty looking runes when you heat it up, the rope moves with a mind of it’s own, and I’m pretty sure the bag containing it all has fangs and tried to eat my hand!

Bottom line? What bottom line? The bottom line is this stuff is dangerous and you can’t just be selling it away! Plus, do you even know where it’s coming from? I did some poking around in the Temple District and I’m pretty sure that book you just bought is marked with the symbol of Kran. What’s the point of selling these things if it’s just going to hurt people and cause trouble for everyone! We have plenty of other legitimate merchandise, can’t we just deal in those instead? It’s the safe and the right thing to do.


Ernie's Enchanted Emporium Bouquet Krysmphoenix