Shilah the Sage

Expert in all sorts of things wondrous and strange.

Name: Shilah the Sage
Talent: Saavy
Specialization: Adept
Class: Mage 5
Attributes: Str 10, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 18
Action Dice: 3 (d4)
Combat Statistics: Initiative +3, Move 30', Attack (melee) +2, Attack (ranged) +3, Defense 15,
 Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +6, VP 30, WP 10, SP 10, Spell Save DC 18
Noncombat Statistics: Lifestyle +9 (Panache 5 / Prudence 4), Legend +4, Appearance +2 (+3 with 
Grooming Case), Knowledge checks +15 (+17 with Lodestone of the Spire)
Other Modifiers: +4 on rolls boosted by an AD, +1 on attack and skill checks in Dramatic Scenes, 
can cast Spell Levels 0-2 (can cast some level 3 spells with Burst Spell)
Alignment: Asche Worship
Knowledges: Plotus, Delving, Wizardry
Languages: Common
Renown: Heroic 1 (Reputation 4)
Proficiencies: Thrown forte
Tricks: Distracting Shot (Attack +7 with thrown), Burst Spell, Lasting Spell
Skills: Bluff 6 (+10), Craft 8 (+10, Cooking, Inscription), Haggle* 8 (+12), Impress 6 (+10), 
Investigate 8 (+10), Medicine 3 (+5), Notice 8 (+10), Resolve 6 (+6), Search 8 (+10), Sense 
Motive 8 (+10), Spellcasting 8 (+12, threat 19-20), Survival* 3 (+5)
* Origin skill
Special Abilities: Arcane Adept (pg. 43), Arcane Might (pg. 43), Circle of Power I & II (pg. 
43), Free Hint x 2 (twice per session, pgs. 20 or 21), Grace Under Pressure, Heroism (pg. 21), 
If I Recall... (pg. 20), Practiced Search (pg. 21), Subtle and Quick to Anger (pg. 43), Turning 
(animals, pg. 223, DC 13)
Feats: Blessing (Asche / Knowledge), Double Cast, Fortunes Favor the Bold, Spell Conversion: 
Duration, Spellcasting Basics
Weapons: Sling (+7/+5 attack, 1d4+2 sub, Threat 20, Range 60 ft. x 6; Qualities: Load 1; Weapon 
Upgrades: Armor-Piercing (AP 2), Finesse, Keen (Keen 4), Superior[/b]; 3 sp, 3/4 lb.)
Armor: Moderate Leather with Light Fittings (DR 3, Fire 5, Armor Upgrades: Discreet, Lightened, 
Fitted; 400 sp, 12 lbs.)
Equipment: Grooming Case (8 sp, 2 lbs.), Mage's Pouch (20 sp, 2 lbs.)
Silver Pieces: 19
Magic Items: Lodestone of the Spire (Compass, grants 2 interests: Caverns and Undercity, 40 sp 
and 6 reputation, 1 lb.), Purse of Plenty (Greater Storage for 5 items, 10 sp and 10 reputation, 
- lbs.)
0-Level Spells: Detect Secret Doors, Glow I, Feather Fall, Touch of Light
1st Level Spells: Call from Beyond I, Detect Magic, Divine Might, Identify I, Insight, Magic 
2nd Level Spells: Call from Beyond II, Blindness/Deafness, Detect Emotion, Knock*, Mage Armor, 
Scorching Ray*
3rd Level Spells: Haste*, Invisibility I, Fly I, Tongues I
4th Level Spells: Detect Traps
5th Level Spells: Call from Beyond III
6th Level Spells: Find the Path
7th Level Spells: Call from Beyond IV
8th Level Spells: Living Library III
9th Level Spells: Call from Beyond V
* +2 to Spellcasting checks from Arcane Might

Culling Beast (Tiny Outsider Flyer/Walker — 40 XP): Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 
10; SZ T (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 40 ft. flight, 20 ft. ground; Init IV; Atk IV; Def IV; Resilience 
III; Health II; Comp None; Skills: Acrobatics III, Sneak IV; Qualities: feat (Nasty Little Git), 
natural spell (Cause Light Wounds 1, Deathwatch 0), tricky (Cheap Shot).
Attacks/Weapons: Bite I

Forgeknight (Large Construct Outsider Walker — 60 XP): Str 14, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, 
Cha 10; SZ L (2×2, Reach 2); Spd 30 ft. ground; Init II; Atk V; Def II; Resilience V; Health IV; 
Comp None; Skills: Athletics III, Crafting II; Qualities: damage reduction 3, darkvision I, rend.
Attacks/Weapons: Slam III (damage type: subdual; trip), Claw I (grab)[/pre]


Shilah comes from a long line of adventurers in Plotus, to her grandfather Mosir the Stonehewn, to her great-great-grandmother Utasa, master of the Seven Spells of Scathefire. Amongst her family have been sorcerers and warriors, rogues and scouts, and every manner of hero. She’s “Plotus-born and bred” and advertises herself as a local guide and expert in all sorts of things wondrous and strange.

She learned magic from her father, a member of the Inverted Pyramid, as well as a great deal of knowledge on how to deal with monsters. Her heritage is more than just blood – she’s been trained, too.

This is not the whole story.

Shilah describes herself as “Plotus-born and bred”, and that’s true enough, what she doesn’t mention is that she wasn’t raised in Plotus, though she’s acclimated so well that few would note otherwise. Rather, she’s from a small farm outside of Larth. Her parents retired from the adventuring profession, recognizing as a lifestyle that leads to a dramatically limited lifespan.

They told Shilah that they wanted her to have a quiet life, not having to check to see if the ceiling would come in, getting to experience the peculiar sensation of being eaten alive by a cubic predator (thankfully, magic healing works wonders), or coming back from being undead (magic healing really works wonders).

Of course, their farm is a little… odder than most, but that comes along with being able to capture and bind monsters. Most of their goods were more esoteric and than most. You need the demon cheese of a stench kow, or the honey of a howler wasp, well, they sell directly to local alchemical outfitters.

But Shilah was discontent with having to shovel the dung of stench kows. She had an adventurer’s blood! And so she ran away to Ptolus, a bag of golden savings in her hand and a mishmash of her parents’ old equiment.

This is not the whole story.

Her mother, Delkina (the Destroyer) and former Knight of the Pale, made enemies – a lot of enemies. To protect the love her life, Loruden, they retired outside of town, close enough that she could seek out allies in times of trouble, but far enough they could create security in obscurity.

When Shilah ran away, she didn’t panic. Instead, she sent a message to some of those about town. A quiet circle of allies has looked over her for the past few years, making sure that she’s had help over time, that she always finds a bit more coin when she needs it, that she’s steered away from the worst Plotus has to offer.

If Shilah found out, she would be fucking furious.

If Delkina’s enemies found how who she was, they’d be delighted.

Meeting Ernie

Ernie got on well with Delkina, and when Shilah ran short on gold early in her escapade, he offered to have her work for him to earn new equipment, maps, and other such sundry items to fulfill her adventuring dreams.

Mind, he worked her hard. For a good while Shilah was fairly well convinced Ernie hated her (and still is, just in the past tense), but their relationship has softened over time, since one, Shilah’s reliable. Secondly, she’s willing to put her free time into actually hooking up with adventuring contacts and putting in a good word as a local guide.

She is, in short, something of a sucker right now, and that’s been very useful for him!


“Look, I’m just saying, a collapsible ten-foot pole? Poles are made so they don’t collapse. Good, solid wood, and that’s what Ernie’s offers. I’m not going to name names, but we don’t mess around with gimmicks like rats on a stick or rubber balls that miiight be useful, but let’s face it; the guy retired from delves for a reason.”

“We also don’t just buy and sell anything. Sure, you can find all sorts of interesting used goods elsewhere, but do you want something that breaks or turns curse in the middle of a crisis? No. We don’t just aim to make a buck, we want to make sure you make it back to drop coin here again.”

“What you get with Ernies is a staff that actually keeps in touch with delvers, and finds out if they work, how they work. It’s not about the plan, it’s about contigencies, contigencies, and more contigencies. No highly flammable equipment that explodes at the slightest flame, or fancy glassware that shatters when it gets whacked, or magic swords that stab you as soon as you point them at the wrong monster.”

“… what do you think, Ernie? I think we can cut a deal with the Delvers if we get enough of this pitch around. All I need is some supplies to go down, and ahahaha, okay, you saw right through that. What I’m saying is that we could sponsor some adventurers, and get them with the spiel, get some weapons in the hands of good gladiators, get word around the Delver’s Guild and the Arena… maybe we can even get a better offer to the Guild, maybe fifteen percent, maybe… twelve? Eleven?”

“We’ve got a good business, but what we need is magic! Oh, not wizard magic, but the kind you get when your name’s on everybody’s lips and the adventurers taking their last haul are bringing their finds to our door. All the work we do back here in the store is just a starter, you know?”

“So, uh, I was hoping to get a discount on these torches…”

Shilah the Sage

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